Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whirlwind Journey

The last eight months have flown by. I left Orange County and moved back to the place where I grew up, California's Central Coast. Orange County became my home. I had created a strong friend base, found a church to call home and was living life surrounded by some really great people. I made the decision to move in late October and was back to the Central Coast by the first part of November. Being back has shown me a how blessed I am to have not one, but two great places to call home.

Since my move in November, I have taken a little wedding biz hiatus. 2013 has been pack with friends weddings, ten to be exact. All of these wedding celebrations come with additional pre-wedding festivities. I have the honor of being a bridesmaid to two friends whom I have know for over ten years.

The first of the weddings I was in took place in May. I knew the bride and groom separately before I knew them as a dating couple. Kari and I went to high school together and worked together for a short time. It has been a privileged to see them grow together and now become husband and wife. They were lucky enough to be able to get married on her parents property. I wanted to share some of the fun pictures from the celebrations leading up to the day and the day they became The Coolidge's.

Kari loves a good fiesta, so we were inspired to make her shower feel a little fiesta-y!

Here is a little preview of the wedding day!

It was a fun and memorable wedding! I am excited to see their family grow and be apart of their lives for many years to come. Congrats to the Coolidge's and I wish them the best!

The next wedding is not until July, so I will be sharing some pictures from the brides most recent shower. I have known the bride and groom for over 13 years. I met Chad in late Elementary School and the bride in Jr High. Their families and mine have become very close over the years. We are all very excited to see these two tie the knot. They started dating our freshman year of high school, so they are getting married a month shy of 11 years of dating. 

The bride drink of choice is champagne, so we went with a gold and pink bubbly theme.

We are all so excited for the Hunter's July wedding and their future together!

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