Monday, February 6, 2012

Madison & Mychal Engaged

Madison & Mychal are getting MARRIED!!! They began their relationship as good friends and running buddies. They spent many runs in Mission Beach bonding and building their special connection. Mychal asked Madison to be his girlfriend shortly before he was stationed on the East Coast. 

Their bond withstood long flights, skype dates and daily phone calls. It takes two very special people and a strong faith to be able to support each other in a long distance relationship.

Madison and Mychal took We Heart Photography to Mission Beach, where it all began.  I am excited to work with We Heart Photography for Madison and Mychal's July Wedding!

Sweetly yours,


Photography: We Heart Photography
Venue: Mission Beach, San Diego

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  1. Man, she's got great hair. Cute photos :)

    Nook & Sea