Monday, April 4, 2011

Kelly & Joseph's Star Ranch Wedding

I had the privilege of being a part of a family friends wedding day. The Friday morning before the big day, Joseph's sisters and I got up before the sun and drove to Downtown Los Angeles' Flower District. We bought all the flowers for under $500 and we were back before 7:30am. I started in on work on the bride's, bridesmaids' and mothers' bouquets. I finished off the evening completing the corsages, boutonniere and organizing all the flowers for the next day.

Saturday morning, the big day, I woke up and loaded the car to headed out to the beautiful Star Ranch. Hoping the rain that had graced us the weekend and week prior would give us a break to celebrate these two people becoming one.  I arrived just as the wedding coordinator was making a decision on whether or not they should put the tent up over the ceremony site. We crossed our fingers and said good bye to the tent and focused on getting the ceremony flowers and center pieces for the reception done.

There was so much laughter through out the entire event and a few joyful tears too. The day really showed who Kelly and Joseph were and just how much they loved each other and the Lord. Here is a little piece of how the wedding turned out.

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